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AST Auto Cargo Liner for 200 Series Landcruiser AST Auto Cargo Liner

Product Features

Custom-Fit Design - Each boot liner is designed to neatly hug the wall of cargo area to ensure full coverage.


Spill-Catching & 100% Waterproof - A unique high rolled edge contains dirt and liquid spills – this makes our boot liners perfect for protecting carpet from wet groceries, dog fur, sand, sports equipment, gardening tools, and other spills.


Anti-Slip Surface - All boot liners are manufactured with special textured plastic and a computer designed contoured surface to prevent cargo from sliding around during transit.


Save Time and Money - Maintain your vehicle and resale value by prolonging working life and minimising cleaning costs. Boot Liners can be removed in seconds for hosing, scrubbing or dusting down. This puts and end to the hassle of removing grass seeds, sand and liquid spills from the boot carpet.


Wide Range of Current and Older Vehicles - 50+ custom fitting boot liner models available.  Download an e-Catalogue for the latest list.


Cargo Barrier Compatible - Installing a Boot Liner with a barrier is normally as simple as removing any bolts securing the barrier to the floor of the vehicle, placing the the Boot Liner under the barrier and reinstalling the bolts through the liner. This involves making a few small holes to allow the bolts to pass through the liner. This can be done with a sharp knife or kitchen scissors.


Third Row Seat Compatible - Most boot liners suited to vehicles with third row seats have pre-marked "cut zones". These can be cut with a pair of sharp kitchen scissors to allow the third row seat locking mechanism to pass through the liner and anchor into the floor. It is best to remove the smallest section possible that allows the mechanism to lock into the floor while also ensuring carpet protection is maintained.


UV Resistant Material


No Rubber Smell - TPO is a non-toxic and odourless plastic ideally suited to automotive interiors.


Available in black colour only


Now available for purchase online at Booter.com.au


Quick Link to e-Brochures - Full product listing, retail pricing and technical data.


Latest Product Catalogue

Latest catalogue now available. Visit e-Brochures to download a copy (pdf).